Shaker Museum is deeply grateful to the sponsors who have made

the Summer Series possible.


Paul Cassidy and Vernon Evenson


Michael Dupree and Michael Fleischer

Jane Katcher

Martha McMaster and Sheldon Evans

Ed Spiro and Donna McKay

Kathy and Allan Weiser


Jeff Bailey and John Lillis

Jerry Bernstein and Ann Berlstein

Tracy Brown and Joseph Kusnick

John Dax and Amy Butler

Terry and Jonny Frank

Rae and Robert Gilson

Anne and Michael Golden

J.M. Kaplan Fund

Leslie and Gary Katz

Michael Kramer

Christopher Rothko and Lori Cohen

John Schobel and Daniel Schmeder

Suzanne and Robert Werner


Amy and Brad Barr

Gavin and Craig Berger

Mary Gail Biebel

John Carroll and Alexandra Anderson

Rebecca Carter and Demetris Giannoulias

Christine Dreyfus Novotny

Kimberly Driessen and Matthew Greitzer

Robert Fuller

Tom Jacoby and Jennifer Solow

Janet and Hiroshi Kazo

Darlene and George Kohrman

Nancy Kyle and Jack Fraser

Jeff Lick and Steve McCarthy

MetzWood Insurance

Joanne Dunne Murphy and Thomas Murphy

Jim Panichella

Douglas and Pamela Paul

Alan Phillips


Richard Rosenblatt

Annabelle Selldorf

Stewart’s Shops

Candace King Weir

Robert and Roby Whitlock

Carol and Rob Williams


James Adams and Julio Santiago

Eileen Cohen

Lori and Jim Gelbort

Kathleen Marquardt

Deborah Roberts and Al Roker

Stacey Salamone

Kirsten Westphal and Nick Arauz

Amy K. White

Jane Wood